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Backus contributes with industrial development of crafters of the Campiña Moche

9 March 2009

- More than 50 crafters finished the training program for business management.

- Backus bids for development and sustainability of the crafters of the zone that surrounds the monument.

Trujillo, February 26th, de 2009. -  Tonight, in a crowded ceremony, the diplomas of the training program were handed to 58 crafters of Campiña Moche that has been developing the Fondo Contra Valor Perú Francia, the Project Huacas de Moche and Backus, through the program Progresando Juntos. The event was attended by local and regional authorities, standing out the presence of the honorable Mrs. Ambassador of France, Cécile Mouton-Brady and Mr. Fernando Zavala, Vice-President of Strategy and Corporate Relationships of Backus.
It is noteworthy that the rescue and conservation Project of la Huaca de la Luna, is one of the sustainable development projects that Backus has been creating in the northern zone of the country. Thanks to the collaboration and permanent assessment, this monument has been awarded and acknowledged as one of the most important cultural patrimonies of the northern zone, achieved thanks to the support of de private industries, State and community.

The 58 crafters of la campiña Moche have been trained in subjects like business management and production skills development, in order to promote the strengthening of their production units and the creation of new small companies.

Nowadays, the Project Huaca de la Luna, has been developing several components for the touristic use of the complex, turning in to an important source of income for the zone of the campiña Moche.

"With this program, Backus tries to encourage the formalization and development of the micro and small businesses in the northern zone of the country, allowing this zone to grow as a tourist destination and turn into an economically active community, improving their quality of life and their surroundings", said Fernando Zavala, Vice-President  of Corporate Affairs of Backus

The recovery of part of our history and civilization through one of the most important archaeological of  Moche culture, has been able to establish foundation for the development of the area, creating jobs directly and indirectly, through different economic activities in development in huaca surroundings.

About Progresando Juntos

Progresando Juntos is a development program oriented to micro, small and medium businesses linked to agricultural, services, marketing and tourism sectors of the geographic areas of influence of the industries of Backus group.
Through this program, we try to improve the conditions of efficiency, productivity, environment and socials of the micro and small businesses, encourage the creation of opportunities for the local sustainable development, in terms of marketing development, employment and wealth production and achieve a better economic and social integration of Backus in national and regional areas.

About Huaca de la Luna Project

The archaeologicall project Huaca de la Luna, is co-managed by Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, the Patronato Huacas del Valle de Moche and th National Institute of Culture.

The Huaca de la Luna project has been acknowledged by several institutions, Peruvians and foreign, because of it management model and the results obtained.

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