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Ibhayi brewery brews first beer

23 August 2000

SAB's new Ibhayi brewery at Perseverance this week began brewing beer, reports the company's general manager for the Eastern Cape, Peter McLoughlin.

Brewery construction and commissioning of the plant is more than 97 percent complete, he says, while forecast spending in the Eastern Cape has risen to approximately R142-million - exceeding the original forecast by over R40-million - of which almost 30 percent will be spent on previously disadvantaged companies. One of SAB's guiding principles for the Ibhayi project has been to allocate spending locally wherever possible.

As the project nears completion, power is available to the entire plant; the main air and steam compressors are active; the packaging line has filled and labelled its first tankered beer (received from the existing brewery) according to SAB's stringent quality specifications; three train loads of malt have been transferred into the malt silos and the first brews have been successfully brewed and transferred to the cellars for fermentation.

The brewery will eventually have a production capacity of approximately 2,3-million hectolitres of beer - six and a half days a week, with half a day allowed for routine cleaning and maintenance. The packaging line - rated among the largest in the world - will be able to fill 50 000 quarts an hour (approximately 14 bottles per second).

Released by Westcom Public Relations on behalf on The South African Breweries Limited, Eastern Cape Region.

For further information, please contact:
Peter McLoughlin
General Manager
(041) 586 2222.

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