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Keller Lager becomes a national brand

23 October 2000

Cluj - URSUS decided to launch its local brand, Keller Lager, at a national level. Produced under a German license, owned by the South African Breweries PLC, group, Keller Lager will be sold at an extremely affordable price - approximately 5000 ROL for a bottle of 0,5l.

Its quality, significantly higher than of other economy beer brands, makes Keller Lager even more appealing for consumers. This is also confirmed by the sales in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country, as well as in Bucharest, where the brand was initially tested on the market. "The new brand was very well received by the public and the distributors. The results we got here were more than encouraging," said Ioan Pop, sales manager for the North Western region at URSUS.

Keller Lager is produced following a traditional recipe of German lager beer, has an alcohol content of 4% and is pasteurised. Its taste is light, refreshing and less bitter. The beer is sold in NRW bottles of 0,5l and has an expiry period of 6 months.

"As in the case of the other brands produced by URSUS, the brewing process of Keller Lager involves state of the art technology. This allows for a strict monitoring of the alcohol content, of the specific taste and flavour. We are able, thus, to offer a quality product at a lower price," said Bernie Kaufmann, URSUS Braumeister.

The low price of Keller Lager recommends it mainly to the consumers with lower income. It completes URSUS brand portfolio on the economy beer segment.

For more information please contact: Mmd Public Relations Sorana Zbarcea

Tel.: (4)094.498.676, (4)095.132.199
Fax: (401)335.04.15

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