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Plátano de Canarias (Banana from Canarias) moves its spirit of solidarity and social responsibility to the Endesa League

7 October 2013

During its debut as sponsor and provider of the official food to the Endesa League, it will donate 5 kilos of bananas to food banks for every triple point scored

The campaign, called Cada triple vale más (Each triple point is worth more), starts this weekend with the Endesa Supercup in Vitoria, in which Plátano de Canarias will be the main attraction during the Three Point Shootout

Canarias, October 4th, 2013- Plátano de Canarias scores its most impressive point with the launching today of the campaign Cada triple vale más, an initiative in which it commits to donate five kilos of bananas for every triple point scored in the competitions organised by the ACB (Endesa League, Endesa Supercup and the King’s Cup) where ASPROCAN is a sponsor and provider of the official food. These bananas will be sent to the Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos (Spanish Federation of Food Banks) so they can be delivered to charities in order to help the underprivileged.

With this, Plátano de Canarias will provide the Endesa League with continuous acts of social responsibility, making its sponsorship go beyond the just sports.

The launch of this campaign coincides with the celebration of the Three Point Shootout this Saturday in Vitoria, where players Álex Abrines (FC Barcelona), Jaycee Carroll (Real Madrid), Alberto Corbacho (Rio Natura Monbus), Marcus Eriksson (La Bruixa d’Or), Rafa Martínez (Valencia Basket), Andrés Nocioni (Laboral Kutxa) and Scott Wood (UCAM Murcia) will compete against Josh Ruggles, a player who holds the world record with 135 triple points scored in five minutes.

The Three Point Shootout will increase the fun of the first competition of the season, the Tenth Endesa Supercup, with semifinalists Real Madrid and Bilbao Basket, and Laboral Kutxa and FC Barcelona playing today in Vitoria. The final will take place tomorrow.

Coinciding with the launching of the campaign, Plátano de Canarias will broadcast its first commercial spot promoting the campaign. For this it has had the help of Saúl Blanco from CB Canarias, Nacho Martín from Herbalife Gran Canaria and Andrés Nocioni from Laboral Kutxa.

In the campaign, Plátano de Canarias highlights its commitment to society and the underprivileged.

Also, the campaign will have a website where everybody can participate, the micro-site, where fans and the general public will be able to connect and support the campaign.

Manuel Juristo, Director of the Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos, and Jordi Cañellas, Manager of Marketing and Sponsorship of the Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto (Basketball Clubs Associations), highlighted the interest of this charitable initiative that will have important repercussions in society in a moment when there exists a pressing demand for this kind of help.

Sponsorship for two seasons

The association between the ASPROCAN (Association of Banana Producers from Canarias) and the ACB (Basketball Clubs Association) began at the first part of June, after the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the brand Plátano de Canarias for this season and the next in an exclusive arrangement.

The agreement features a whole package of advertising tradeoffs in basketball courts as well as TV broadcasts, joint promotional events and the involvement of the brand with special contents in the official website of the competition.

With this initiative, Plátano de Canarias joins the current official sponsors: Bifrutas, KIA and Orange, as well as Endesa, its main sponsor.

Plátano de Canarias has contributed for many years to the development of society and has carried out many actions within its program of social responsibility in supporting different groups and the environment.

The brand has always been linked to the support of sporting activities as well as promoting the positive values the brand stands for: effort, sacrifice, teamwork, excellence, friendship and health.

With this collaboration, ASPROCAN wanted to maximize the actions within a discipline as relevant as basketball, the second most popular team sport in Spain, that provides important success for the clubs and the national team.

In Spain, more than a third of the population between the ages of 14 and 64 expresses an interested in basketball, making a total of 11 million fans who also play the sport. Last season, the competitions of the Endesa League had more than 40 million TV viewers in Spain, to what must be added the thousands of fans who attend the games.

For more information contact:

Phone: 922 53 51 42/ 922 53 51 44

Mobile: 667 783 082


This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on October 4th, 2013.

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