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“Súmate, Solo +18” Movement Promotes Showing of ID

24 January 2013

- The initiative, launched in 2011, seeks to encourage citizens to assume prevention and citizen-monitoring roles
- In this second stage, the “Súmate, Solo +18” campaign has Sandra Plevisani as new ambassador
- The investment amounts to approximately S/.10.9 million soles for both stages of the campaign

Lima, January 21, 2013.- Backus launched for the second consecutive year the campaign “Súmate, Solo +18: Promoviendo la venta responsable”. The second stage of the movement seeks to promote ID showing when buying or selling alcoholic beverages in order to fight alcohol sale and consumption by minors.

Also, this new stage, called “from awareness to action,” has Sandra Plevisani, known entrepreneur, writer, chef and TV host, as the new ambassador.

“The good results of the ‘Súmate, Solo +18’ campaign’s first stage have led us to take one more step and go from awareness to action. That’s why at this stage we’re promoting the use of the ID to make sure that those buying alcoholic beverages are adults,” commented Felipe Cantuarias, Vice President of Planning and Corporate Affairs at Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus and Johnston.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of minors not consuming alcohol and to promote responsible sales. That’s why it promotes showing or asking for an ID when buying alcoholic beverages.

Backus is committed to the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages as part of its Sustainable Development framework. This is why, as a complement to this campaign, it has been developing a series of actions with its customers in order to promote responsible businesses.

Both stages of the campaign have an approximate investment of S/.10.9 million soles, plus the investment in advertising of associate media outlets that contribute in a selfless manner to this awareness campaign to avoid selling and consumption of alcohol to and by minors.

Associates of the “Súmate, Solo +18: Promoviendo la venta responsable” campaign

  • It is worth noting that there are important media outlets as partners at this stage of the campaign: Frecuencia Latina, America Televisión, Panamericana Televisión, ATV and Global TV.
  • Great artists like Fresialinda and Rosita Espinar, and prominent athletes like Teófilo Cubillas, Ramón Ferreyros and Jaime Yzaga, continue to participate as ambassadors of the campaign.

This responsible consumption campaign is a priority for Backus. It aims to encourage parents and the civil society to assume their roles in prevention and citizen oversight; the authorities, to enforce existing laws as part of their regulatory and supervisory role; and points of sale, to avoid selling alcoholic beverages to minors.

About Backus:

Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus and Johnston S.A.A. is the leader in the brewery industry in Peru, with five decentralised production plants in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Motupe and Pucallpa. It has a portfolio of very well-segmented national and international brands that aim for its customers’ satisfaction in the 142,000 points of sale throughout the country. During 2011, Backus registered net sales for S/. 3,005.5 million, contributed S/. 2,224 million in taxes and gave direct employment to more than 7,000 people and indirect employment to more than 220,000 people.

Backus focuses on sustainable development, looking to create shared value and social inclusion with those that form its value chain and the communities where it operates. This is how its initiatives and projects aim to create strategic alliances to leverage efforts and make a positive economic, social and environmental impact for society as a whole.

For more information, contact:
Cecilia Quevedo
External Communications Backus - 311-3000
Yohana Medina
Llorente y Cuenca - 222-9491

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