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Industrias La Constancia Achieves Historic Record Within Production Levels

21 March 2012

The Industrias La Constancia (ILC in Spanish) subsidiary in El Salvador, Central America, closes its fiscal year for 2012 (Apr/2011 - Mar/2012) establishing a record in production levels, managing to achieve a production of one million beer hectolitres.

"This is a very important day for all of us as a part of the La Constancia Industries family. We are immensely satisfied because this is a major achievement by our workers, which are our most valuable and lasting assets," declared the President of Industrias La Constancia, Carlos Habencio Fernández, in a message shared with the personnel while celebrating the imposed record.

This record production includes the following brands: Pilsener, Golden, Suprema, Pilsener Lite and Regia, which are all favourite products of the Salvadorian markets, and additionally are being channelled as part of the exports offer aimed at countries like Honduras, and their subsidiary, Cervería Nacional.

The numbers reached to achieve this historic record have been accomplished under strict quality and efficiency standards within the productivity guidelines of ILC operations.

ILC: Leading Operation in the World

This historic production record has taken place during the year in which the company's beer plant has managed to consistently maintain the #1 position worldwide amongst 152 SABMiller plants distributed within 60 countries, and by means of the persistent evaluation of efficiency indicators, use of resources, beer quality and packaging in its facilities.

Additionally, ILC is proud to include among its personnel the third best taster in SABMiller's worldwide operation, and the best in Latin America, which only further proves that this record is owed to the high level of professionalism of each of the company's employees.


La Constancia Industries (ILC) is a subsidiary of SABMiller in El Salvador, having three bottling plants, one for beer and two for non-alcoholic beverages.
ILC was established in 1906, in the western department of Santa Ana, and in 1928 moved to its current location in San Salvador, capital of El Salvador.
For more information, you may contact Mauricio Chavarria, Director of Corporate Relations at, or at our Website and

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [20/03/2012].

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