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Dorada will liven the Carnival with a programme with more than 44 hours of music in Príncipe Square (Translation)

17 February 2012

- Among the activities, there will be several performances of children and adult street bands as well as groups of serenaders.

- The brand Compañía Cervecera arranged another "Dorada" area near Weyler Square.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 16th, 2012 - Dorada, a brand of Compañía Cervecera de Canarias, will again be present in the celebration of the Chicharrero Carnival, and like last year, it will defray the cost of the programme taking place in Príncipe Square, one of the places more heavily visited by the public for the next few days.

This time, Dorada will paint the downtown square in Santa Cruz red again with its brand, where the stage, the bandstand, the backstage, and the tavern will be decorated with the brand. Also, another Dorada area will be arranged on the side of the Capitanía General de Canarias building, near Weyler Square, where there will be five kiosks. 

Príncipe Square will have a wide recreational programme, where more than 44 hours of music and fun will be carried out by 23 local artistic groups. These groups will march through the stage in the square from tomorrow until the main days of the celebration.

The brewing company will sponsor the night musical performances in the aforesaid premises during the 17th, 18th, 20th, 24th and 25th. At the same time, it is contemplating a wide programme of performances during the day on the 19th and 25, coinciding with the celebration of the day Carnival.

Worth noting among the chosen bands for the night performances are Pepe Benavente & Trío Diamante, Los Norteños, Nueva Línea, Arguayo Band, Orquesta Gomeray, KDTS, DJ Richard, Combo 5, Los Concejales, Kimbara, Melao, Anaconda, Combo Isleño and Sensación Latina.

Those performances will start at 22:30 and will continue until 6:00 the next day on both Saturdays 18th and 25th and on Monday.

Noteworthy acts during the day Carnival programme taking place that first Sunday are Morocho Latin Brothers, Luis Deseda & Ballet, El Jeito, MM Danza Proyect Exclusiv and Mencey Band.

Also, on the 25th, the day Carnival performances will be carried out by krewes between Valentín Sanz street and Príncipe Square. Musical shows will be carried out by KDTS, Johan, Pepe Benavente & Grupo Diamante, La Retranca and Clave de Son.

For this case, this programme will start at 12:30 and will continue until 18:00.

From Friday until Monday, 23rd, apart from those performances, the stage in Príncipe Square will receive performances from the main groups of the chicharrero Carnival.

On Saturday at 17:00, there will be performances of the children's street bands Triqui Traquitos, Rebobinados, Paralepípedors and the adult street bands Tras con Tras, Marchilongas, Zeta Zetas, Mamelucos, Triqui Traques and Bambones.

On Sunday at 18:00, the children's streets bands Draguito, Melositos, Pita Pitos and the adult street bands Marchilongas, Ni Muchas Ni Pocas, Trabas, Rebotados, Jocikudos and Desbocados will perform.

On Monday, the groups of serenaders Gran Tinerfe, Peña del Lunes, Mesa Coral, Aceviños and El Cabo will perform.

Also, for the Piñata weekend, the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth finalists of the adult street bands will perform, and the final climax will come with the groups of serenaders Masa Coral, El Cabo, Peña del Lunes, Gran Tinerfe, Aceviños and Orfeón La Paz.

These actions from Dorada have to be added to other actions carried out during this edition of the Carnival, such as the sponsorship (for the second year in a row) of the first prizes for performing and interpretation of the street bands, krewes and musical bands of the chicharrero Carnival, as well as a limited edition of 270,000 aluminium bottles with three designs regarding the celebration in Canarias and a fourth design dedicated to Los Indianos de La Palma, and 1,410,000 cans of Dorada with a design regarding the celebration.

With these initiatives, Dorada confirms again its support for the most international celebration in Canarias and reinforces the collaboration carried out through the years.

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