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«Miller Brands Ukraine» general manager Igor Tikhonov among ten top managers of the Ukraine in 2011 (Translation)

7 December 2011

In early December, «Companion» traditionally published the list of «10 top managers of the Ukraine.» In 2011, Igor Tikhonov, general manger of «Miller Brands Ukraine,» branch of SABMiller plc, joined this list.

The list evaluates the professional reputation of board level managers working in the Ukraine. The questionnaire contained names of 100 top managers chosen by the publisher. The original list contained the heads of the companies from the last year list, and also prominent heads of companies-leaders in their field. During the evaluation, the experts were able to add names to the list.

The top managers from the initial list became experts for the present. They evaluated each other using the 10 point scale. Only managers familiar to the experts were evaluated. In total, 43 questionnaires were filled out. Another 10 questionnaires were answered by the editors of Companion Group and by business-consultants from such agencies as iKS-Consulting, PBN Company, «Sledopyt,» etc.

Here is the full list of 2011 most successful managers in the Ukraine:

1. Igor Litovchenko - Kievstar (place in 2010: 2)
2. Oleg Popov - SKM (place in 2010: 6)
3. Yuri Kosiuk - Mironovski Khleboproduct (place in 2010: 1)
4. Vladimir Kostelman - Fozzy Group (place in 2010: 13)
5. Alexander Glus - Nemiroff (place in 2010: 8)
6. Alexander Dubilet - PrivatBank (place in 2010: 9)
7. Oleg Bakhmatiuk - Avangard (place in 2010: 29)
8. Eugeny Cherniak - Global Spirits (place in 2010: 3)
9. Igor Tikhonov - Miller Brands Ukraine (place in 2010: 47)
10. Vyacheslav Moskalevski - Roshen (place in 2010: 25)

To explain the inclusion of Igor Tikhonov into Top-10, the magazine stated:

«The last year was very successful for the former Sarmat: between January and September 2011 the whole market went down 1,6%; almost all the main players lost in sales volume, and Donetsk beer makers who changed their company's name to Miller Brands Ukraine, spiraled up 62%. There is no "Donetsk" factor in this, since the company belongs to the transnational SABMiller. The international management team led by Igor Tikhonov improved the company's business process to fit the corporate requirements, reconsidered the product portfolio and constantly adds reputable international brands, popular with consumers, to it. Last month the company started implementing the standards of World Class Manufaсturing in order to make the company more productive.»   

You can find out more information about the rating results in «Companion» magazine №48 (771), December 2-8, 2011 or at the magazine's website


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Valentin Boinitsky
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