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27 October 2011

Courtesy of Dreher Breweries Ltd, starting this May every Friday is "Golden Friday", when everybody gets a pint of Arany Ászok (Golden Aces) for the price of a glass, as a sign of appreciation for the consumers' work and achievements throughout the week. The goal of the company's initiative is to build and strengthen this brand of beer and to provide the partners in the hospitality industry with a means which could help them overcome the economic crisis and operate successfully. The results of the Golden Friday program and of the last beer season were presented by Sándor Lóránt  Kovács, business development director of Dreher Breweries Ltd at an informal press conference where beer was served too, and where they discussed and evaluated the past five months' experiences with the partners and the journalists. According to this evaluation the initiative must have been considered a success by the consumers, who requested Golden Fridays to be extended to October.

"With the Golden Friday initiative we wanted to attract back to the pubs and bars those consumers who gave up this form of entertainment in the past few years, and it appears that we've been successful at this for five months, starting from May. We hope that the people who got accustomed to this type of Friday entertainment will continue to end the workweek in a pub in the company of friends," said Sándor Lóránt Kovács at the press conference. Quoting the data provided by the Ipsos polling company, he added: "During this campaign, one third of those who otherwise would have stayed at home chose to go to a pub or bar for beer instead of drinking it at home. Forty-two percent of the respondents said that since the start of this promotion they've been going to a pub more frequently than before, and 58 percent said they have been drinking draught beer more often than before."

"We ran this promotion in more than 2300 establishments over the country, and our experience is that it was most successful where the pub/bar owner complemented it with another special offer conforming to the local demand, such as karaoke night, goulash party or grill night. We're especially proud that as a result of the Golden Friday promotion, our brand, the Arany Ászok, became the most popular draught beer," Sándor Lóránt Kovács also said.

Speaking of the past beer season's results, he emphasised: "Golden Friday played a major role in making the past season the best season for the brewing industry in years, as it managed to reverse a market that's been declining for years. After the continuous decline of the past four years there's been a 7 percent increase in sales, while the hospitality industry registered a 6 percent growth after the double-digit decline of the past years."

Tibor Szilágyi, the owner of the X1 pub, summed up his experience by saying: "People are more willing to go to a pub on a Friday than on a weekday, so this is the day when we can start strengthening the habit of going to the pub. Most people choose Friday for entertainment, relaxation, and Golden Friday intensified this trend. I'd be happy to participate in a similar sales promotion of Dreher Breweries in the future."

As part of a comprehensive communication campaign designed for popularising the Golden Friday promotion, consumers could watch on the largest commercial channels a unique 30-second spot made to awaken people's thirst for beer, and exuding the spirit of Friday relaxation. Furthermore, retailers were provided with various advertising tools, such as exclusively designed signboards, posters, roll-ups, window decals and table cards, which were extremely popular. Two-hundred-and-fifty uniquely designed Citylight posters helped consumers find the closest pub participating in the Golden Friday promotion easily. The Golden Information Hotline was called by 65,000 people, and the webpage had 50,000 visitors until the end of September.
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Kinga Jani
Senior PR Specialist, Media Expert
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Katalin Simon
Senior PR Specialist
Dreher Breweries Ltd.
Phone: +36 1 432 9920

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Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [26/10/2011].

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