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Grolsch opens exhibition ‘Grolsch Living History’ (Translation)

25 July 2011

Royal Grolsch N.V. 

Enschede, July 14th, 2011

Permanent display of unique collection of Grolsch items

Beer brewer Grolsch is opening its exhibition ‘Grolsch Living History' today. This exhibition is one of the most extensive and complete Grolsch collections that exists worldwide. Above the entrance of the brewery Grolsch has created an exhibition room in which the collection of Mr. Jan Bannink has been allocated a spot as a permanent display. In over 25 years Jan Bannink managed to acquire an impressive collection of Grolsch articles. Grolsch feels it's important to make and keep its history accessible. The brewer can proudly announce that the collection will be open to the public starting this July 15th.  

Avid collector
The Grolsch brand has many avid and enthusiastic fans, who collect everything that has to do with Grolsch. One of these avid Grolsch collector was Jan Bannink, an old committee member of the Collectors' Guild of Grolsch. His impressive Grolsch collection is the result of over 25 years of collecting. In the Spring of 2008, several years after his death, this collection has been passed on to Grolsch. The realisation of the exhibition ‘Grolsch Living History' was possible with the help of Mrs. Annick Van der Lof - de Groen. The exhibition space has been equipped in cooperation with Mr. Jan Bannik's sisters, Joke Tijink and Wilja Koeslag. Because of the unprecedented magnitude of the collection, the decision was made to only display part of it.

Open to the public
Starting this July 15th, the exhibition will be viewable at no charge during office hours to those interested. Visitors can expect to see a wide array of Grolsch items: from Grolsch bottles, crystal beer glasses, coasters, tap materials to posters, signs and beer pumps.  The oldest item is probably a Grolsch glass from before World War II and the most recent item is a neon sign from 2006. To put it shortly, the collection offers a beautiful overview of Grolsch through the years.

Editorial information
For more information, please contact:

Royal Grolsch N.V.
Helen ter Huurne
Department of Corporate Affairs
Tel: 053-483 34 07

About Grolsch
Royal Grolsch N.V. is a company with a history that dates back to 1615. This makes Grolsch one of the oldest and most successful breweries in the Netherlands. Grolsch is active in the Dutch market as well as in a large number of international beverage markets. Grolsch holds a premium world position in which unique Grolsch values such as taste, top quality, tradition, aspiration, authenticity, uniqueness and shared enjoyment are central themes. Since 2004, Grolsch has been based at a modern brewery complex in Enschede. Since February 12th, 2008, Grolsch has been a subsidiary of SABMiller plc.

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