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Cervecería Trains retailers about the responsibility of alcohol consumption. (Translation)

23 March 2011


Cervecería Hondureña, faithful to its guidelines of self-regulation of alcohol and above all its clear position of No consumption of alcohol in minors develops an integral program to train retailers, for awareness about the risk of the consumption of alcohol in underage as well as responsible consumption in adults.

This activity is implemented under a strategic alliance with the Glasswing international foundation that support all the efforts to raise awareness among owners and bar staff of retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and others adults of the consumption of alcohol beverage.

The training aims to give practical and experimental tools to how to deal these issues in different circumstances that retailers live their business operation and it used internationally validated method TIPS.

No one can say that there is a single cause for underage drinking. Factors influencing the decision as a young man to consume alcohol or not are varied and responsive to general consumer culture, family influence, level of family stability, levels of participation in religious activities and its duration and different types of extracurricular activities.

In the above is the importance of education programs designed to helps retailers to understand what they can prevent the underage consumption

For its part Karla Avila, Corporate relations manager of Cervecería Hondureña said "we are very pleased to develop these kind activities that will undoubtedly generate a positive impact to handle not drinking underage and responsible consumption in adults"

She also said that this is a positive sing in dealing sensitive issues common in society while plea to all those involved not to sell or permit to sell beer to minors.

These actions are complemented by training young students in institutes from Tegucigalpa with a theoretical and practical intervention process allows students to recognize themselves in the message of prevention, teaching daily leaving habits and positive communication, therefore the information learned in this program will be of benefit in many other areas of students life.

Celina de Sola, Director of the NGO programs Glasswing international, said: I congratulate the commitment of the Brewery, who is committed not only to give enhancement to issue of prevention underage consumption and promoting the responsible drinking, but also implement specific preventive measures and high impact with young people, retailers and communities.

"If one and each of us take a simple action we can contribute to a better society, as the responsible sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is a national issue and responsibility of everyone" Stated the official.
Analysis showed that intervention that delay the initial use In young people not only reduce the acute consequences of underage drinking, but also reduce dependence on alcohol to teenagers and adults, is a important public health issue, the authors conclude that the results of these students demonstrates the needs to take measure to delay alcohol consumption in minor.

Reduce the irresponsible consumption of alcohol is the first of ten priorities SABMiller sustainable development and therefore for Cervecería Hodureña, a company that has developed concrete actions and self-regulation at both retailers and employee of the company to fulfill firmly with this priority.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [23/03/2011].

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