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Tanzania Breweries offers 31.9 million shillings in support of the MSABI group’s efforts to provide clean and safe water in Tanzania. (Translation)

9 September 2010


Dar es Salaam, September 2, 2010:

As part of their project known as "NO WATER, NO LIFE", Tanzania Breweries have signed a contract of a total of 31.9 million shillings with the enterprising MSABI group.

The MSABI group incorporates people of different ages from Ifakara. Through this investment, the MSABI group, in cooperation with Tanzania Breweries, will drill ten boreholes that will benefit ten schools in five villages. The project, which also involves installing rope pumps, will help develop local people's construction and maintenance skills. To ensure that the water pumped from the boreholes is clean and safe, a machine for measuring the quality of water will also be installed. In addition, two more schools will benefit from the installation of toilets, which will be accessible to more than 700 people.

TBL's investment will enable MSABI experts to get permission to work in five villages in the Morogoro province - namely: Mngeta, Namawala, Idete, Ifakara and Kiberege. Priority will be given to big institutions in the area, like schools and hospitals. It is expected that the locals will fully collaborate and contribute to the success of the project by providing sand and manual labour in order to complete the construction of the boreholes that will provide their area with clean and safe water.

The project is very important and a priority for Tanzania Breweries, considering the importance of water to the company and to the community in general. Tanzania Breweries will invest more than 3 billion shillings over a period of three years to ensure access to clean and safe water in the community.

Speaking at the signing of this contract in Safari, the Managing Director of the company Mr Robin Goetzsche said: "Tanzania Breweries are very pleased to begin implementing this project, that I trust will benefit the community in terms of their access to clean and safe water."

He continued to say: "The water scarcity forecasted for 2025 will have catastrophic results if we are not properly prepared. Private companies and organisations that deal with the provision of clean and safe water should cooperate with the government in order to ensure our protection from the catastrophe ahead of us."

Furthermore, the Water Project Manager of Tanzania Breweries, Mr Phocas Lasway, said: "Tanzania Breweries will provide financial aid in order to support the Government's efforts to avoid the imminent water catastrophe and to also educate people on how to use and manage water, especially rain water. We intend to revive the practice of harvesting rain water from our homes' roofs in order avoid wasting any water. In addition, we will help many people find employment and increase their income."

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Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) produces, sells and distributes fruit-flavoured alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Tanzania. TBL is also the mother company of Tanzania Distilleries Limited and of the cooperative Mountainside Farms Limited.

Beer brands manufactured by The TBL Company include: Safari Lager, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, Ndovu Special Malt and Castle Lager. Other drinks manufactured by the TBL Group are: Konyagi Gin, Amarula Cream, Redd's Premium Cold and Grand Malt.

The TBL group is listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Market, has around 1,300 employees and it represents the whole country in four beer industries, malt grain processing and eight beer distribution warehouses.

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Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [02/09/2010].

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