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SABMiller RUS invests in natural water resources conservation and protection (Translation)

22 July 2010

Today SABMiller RUS launched a new ecological project, "Let's save springs together!" which is aimed at providing access to pure natural water resources for wider communities in the regions.

Is the issue of natural water resources conservation and protection relevant for Russia?

The tradition of pure natural water use is very long in Russia. Most of us went to forest springs together with our parents and grandparents when were kids. Today natural water is bottled and is available in any shop, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it. That's why project "Let's save springs together!" which aims to provide access to natural water resources for wider communities in the regions of Kaluga, Ulyanovsk and Vladivostok, has been selected as our priority project for year 2010-2011.

SABMiller RUS, in partnership with local administrations and ministries of ecology and natural resources, selects popular springs where water corresponds to quality standards and organizes and finances reconstruction works. The official opening of these reconstructed springs is planned for Ulyanovsk in August, Kaluga in September and Vladivostok in October 2010.

"Despite the fact that Russia in general never lacked water resources, risk of resource depletion still is very high," says Nadezhda Khotina, Corporate Affairs Director. "Our company aims to contribute to the welfare of local communities where it operates, and this is why SABMiller RUS invests in this project."

The communication campaign has started with information placed on labels of the local brands Moya Kaluga, Sibirskoe and Vladpivo, which are very popular among consumers in the regions where the project will run: Kaluga, Ulyanovsk and Vladivostok.

The social activities of SABMiller RUS are based on a sustainable development strategy which outlines 10 priority areas. Detailed information is available at

SABMiller RUS is a subsidiary of one of the world's leading brewing companies, SABMiller plc, with brewing interests in 60 countries. In Russia the company has operated since 1998, when its first brewery in Kaluga was launched. SABMiller RUS is one of the leading brewing companies in Russia, with a value share of 10.8% and volume share of 7% (according to Business Analytica data from the year 2009 results). Overall corporate investments exceeded $700 million. There are three production sites: one in Kaluga, one in Vladivostok and construction of a new brewery in Ulyanovsk is nearly completed. Today there are over 2000 SABMiller RUS employees across the country. The company brand portfolio consists of such well-known international brands as Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell, Velkopopovicky Kozel, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Amsterdam, Zolotaya Bochka, Tri Bogatyrya and others.

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