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Fight alcohol abuse, NBL tells Lira bars

16 July 2010

July 15, 2010

Nile Breweries Limited, Uganda's beer market leader, has extended its on-going training in responsible selling of alcohol to bar owners and workers in Lira town, with a call on them to fight alcohol abuse.

Company officials, led by the area Sales Manager, Richard Karanzi, July 10, 2010, trained 150 owners and workers of retail outlets that serve alcohol in Lira town.

"Please provide excellent customer relations but ensure that consumers drink responsibly," Karanzi told the bartenders assembled for the one-day training at Club Suiz.

"This is important for the safety of drinkers and our business reputation," he said.

Lira became the third major town in Uganda where Nile Breweries trained alcohol sellers, after previously doing it in Kampala and Mbarara.

The training focuses on explaining to the alcohol sellers the alcohol policies and principles of Nile Breweries and its parent company SABMiller, the world's second largest brewer.

The principles include the belief that the company's beer adds to the enjoyment of life for most consumers, but is harmful when abused.

Accordingly, the company, among other policies, forbids sale of alcohol to persons below 18 years of age, driving after drinking and serving more alcohol to intoxicated persons.

"Discouraging irresponsible drinking is our number one focus area in promoting sustainable development," said Onapito-Ekomoloit, the Nile Breweries Corporate Affairs Director.

"We urge all our external stakeholders, especially retail outlets, to implement this commitment," he said. Scores of Ugandans have periodically died across the country after consuming illicit, unhygienic and cheap alcohol. And in May 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidelines on alcohol harm reduction.

"Nile Breweries is determined to play its part in ensuring that only safe alcohol is sold to adults, who should drink it responsibly," Onapito said.

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Nile Breweries Limited.
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This is an SABMiller subsidiary news release, first published in its local market on [15/07/2010].

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