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SABMiller turns waste water into fish food

2 July 2010


The US joint venture of SABMiller, one of the world's leading brewers, has tapped into a new use for brewery waste water.

The Ohio brewery of MillerCoors brewery teamed up with a company which produces animal feeds from renewable sources to run a full scale trial of an innovative technology which creates a fish food ingredient from the brewery's waste water.

The new product can be used in place of the food sources currently employed by fish farms, thereby helping to alleviate the country's dependence upon stressed natural fish stocks whilst also adding to the ways in which brewery waste can be reused and recycled.

The trials have proved extremely promising, paving the way for further exploration of how the technology can be implemented.

MillerCoors CEO, Leo Kiely said: "We aim to ensure that we utilise our waste resources to the greatest extent possible. Technology and innovative partnerships have a crucial role to play as we work towards becoming a zero-waste operation; advances such as this new development show that there innumerable ways in which our waste can be made useful for others."


Notes to editors

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