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MTC honors Backus through Transportes 77 with the Order of Merit (Translation)

1 April 2010

Major acknowledgement for its excellent performance

Mr. Augusto Rizo Patrón, General Manager of Transportes 77, receives the medal "Motivation to Innovate", presented by Minister Cornejo.

Lima, March 29th, 2010.- The Transportation and Communications Ministry (MTC) presented Transportes 77, a Grupo Backus company, the Order of Merit with the mention Motivation to Innovate, for its excellent performance stimulating innovation in the creation of transport activities for freights and the application of programs on road safety, in addition to having an environment-friendly fleet.

Augusto Rizo Patrón, General Manager of Transportes 77, affirmed that the awarded "Order of Merit" is an important acknowledgement for the company and the result of implementing very defined strategies by the organization, as well as having good planning and operation management in transportation. This is possible due to having a team of coworkers committed to prevent and care for the environment, always looking to innovate the work in order to offer a better transportation service. Likewise, we possess adequate infrastructure and hi-tech machinery.

It's worth mentioning that Transportes 77 has vehicles that strictly meet all regulations on weights and measures from the national vehicle registry. The technology of these vehicles allows for a positive contribution in environmental protection and sustainable development. Furthermore, it has an efficient distribution system for an ever growing market, ensuring all brands from the Backus portfolio get to their destination in pristine conditions and in a very short time to the final consumer.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
Comunicaciones Externas Backus

Karin Acevedo
222-9491 (Ax.213)

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