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Check Your Blood Alcohol Level at the Motor Show Fair (Translation)

18 March 2010

The Motor Show Fair in Poznan starting on March 19 is a splendid occasion not only to acquaint yourself with automotive novelties but also to see how to check your blood alcohol level in a modern way. Owing to the cooperation between Kompania Piwowarska and the Traffic Police in Poznan, everyone who visits the fair will have such a chance.

In a specially organised booth, police officers will run sobriety tests with professional police Breathalyzers and, in addition, all the willing will wear alco-goggles and participate in a programme to check how reality changes under the influence of alcohol. Another additional attraction will be the possibility of installing a Breathalyzer for free on a mobile phone, which will allow to check your blood alcohol level at any place and any time, and to learn the approximate time needed to elapse before you can safely drive a vehicle.

Responsibility behind the wheel
The goal of this programme is to limit the number of drunk drivers on Polish roads through making sobriety tests possible, as well as raising the level of awareness of consumers regarding the influence of alcohol on the organism.

"Having consumed one beer, how long do I have to wait before sitting behind the wheel? If I drank alcohol last night, do I still have a high blood alcohol level in the morning?  - such questions are asked daily by thousands of drivers and that's why educational programmes are as important as providing consumers with an opportunity to check their blood alcohol level," says Paweł Kwiatkowski, director for Corporate Matters of Kompania Piwowarska.

Blood alcohol level and your phone
Nearly everybody knows how a police Breathalyzer works, but how do you check your blood alcohol level using your phone? It is enough to enter your data like gender, age, weight and amount of consumed alcohol as well as the time when consumption ended in order to receive the answer instantaneously. Blood alcohol level is calculated on the basis of an algorithm of the alcohol curve (the Widmark model), provided by the National Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems. "Never drive under the influence" - such a warning will appear on your phone display to remind all drivers about this extremely important principle. The application allowing users to check their blood alcohol level also provides the chance to order a cab in a given city by selecting a phone number from the national database of taxicab corporations. In addition, the application provides information about permissible blood alcohol levels in various European countries. People travelling throughout Europe may easily check the laws binding in different countries. For those who wish to test their reflexes, a special game is also available as an integral part of the application.

"It really works. I think that the possibility of installing a Breathalyzer on your phone is very useful idea. Admittedly, the result obtained is only an approximation, but at least it allows you to deliberate whether to drive if the level received increases 0.00," says Witold Drzażdżyński, Regional President of IPA (International Police Association) in Poznan. "One should support every single programme promoting educating drivers not to drive under the influence of alcohol. I have installed this programme on my mobile phone," he adds.

The effectiveness of the programme is certified by the Traffic Police in Poznan. "Such activities that educate drivers are much needed, and that's why we readily joined the programme ‘Sprawdź promile' [Check Your Blood Alcohol Level] and distributed educational material to all city and county police stations in the region. In turn, they will be given to drivers during routine inspections," says Stanisław Małecki, Deputy Chief of Traffic Police in Poznan.

How to download the application
In order to download the application onto your phone just come to come to Pavilion 5 at the Motor Show Fair and the specialists at the joint booth of Kompania Piwowarska and Traffic Police will show you how to do it. You may also read the photocode available on or send a text message with the code PROMILE to the number 70958 (net cost 50 gr., gross price 61 gr.

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