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A Woman Becomes Vice President for Sales and Distribution in Kompania Piwowarska (Translation)

1 March 2010

Kompania Piwowarska announces the appointment of Marzena Piórko to the position of Vice President for Sales and Distribution, effective March 15. Marzena Piórko will be replacing Kevin Brownsey, who took over responsibility of supervising business processes of sales within a European project.

Marzena Piórko has been with Kompania Piwowarska since 1997 and worked with sales and trade marketing. Prior to assuming a position on the Board of Directors, she was Director of Operations. 
Before joining Kompania Piwowarska, Marzena managed sales for a company called Leco Instrumente, active in the organic industry, where she promoted cooperation with customers through B2B channel marketing. Before that, she gained a great deal of experience working for the research agency PENTOR.

Marzena's career with Kompania Piwowarska was interrupted for 12 months, in 2003, by her association with Agros Nova.  Prior to that, she had been responsible for sales development for Tyskie Browary Książęce (Ducal Dreweries in Tychy) and after the merger of TBK with Lech Browary Wielkopolski in 1999, she became responsible for Regional Trade Marketing.
Starting in 2004, Marzena headed the Central Trade Marketing and after two years assumed the position of Director of Region Centrum.
In 2007, Marzena Piórko was promoted to the position of Director of Operations.
Heading one of the most important departments in the company, she was responsible for recent major distribution changes introduced by Kompania Piwowarska to country's brewing industry. She introduced important changes to relations between Kompania Piwowarska and wholesalers and distributors.  In changing the perception of the business partners, she brought the company to the most modern formula of cooperation B2B in the FMCG industry.

"Achieving 45% of market share is not only a source of pride for the KP team and my own professional satisfaction, but above all it is an indicator the mission I hope to accomplish within the organization development," said Marzena Piórko. "I believe that by assuming the post of a Vice President for a national leader in the brewing industry I will be able to further develop and realize my professional ambitions together with the company," added Marzena.

Marzena is a graduate of Śląska Międzynarodowa Szkoła Handlowa (Silesian International Economic School). She is married and has two children.

To the Editor:

Kompania Piwowarska [the Brewing Company] - leader of the brewing industry in Poland
Kompania Piwowarska is the biggest brewing enterprise in Poland. Several centuries of experience in the brewing industry, state-of-the-art technology and the rigorous observance of the norms of production on a world-class level guarantee the highest quality of product. The company offers, among others, the most popular Polish brands: Tyskie, Żubr, Lech, Dębowe Mocne, Redd's, as well as international premium brands like Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch and Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Kompania Piwowarska (established in 1999) owns three breweries (Tychy, Poznan, and Bialystok) and 14 trade outlets all over the country. Kompania Piwowarska also engages in social activities like fighting against social exclusion because of poverty ("Warto być za") and promoting educational programs popularizing responsibility and moderation of alcohol consumption. The volume of sales by the KP reached 15.1 M hectoliters of beer in the financial year concluded on March 31, 2009.

SABMiller - one the world's biggest manufacturers of beer
Kompania Piwowarska is a part of one of the biggest manufacturers of beer in the world - SABMiller plc. The group produces or distributes beer on six continents, and its portfolio includes internationally known Premium brands such as Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell, as well as leading local brands like Aquilla, Castle, Miller Lite, Snow, and Tyskie). SABMiller plc is among the biggest companies in the world (outside of the US) bottling the products of Coca-Cola. In the financial year of 2009, concluded on March 31, SABMiller registered gross receipts of 25.3 B dollars and reached gross profits of 3.4 billion dollars. SABMiller plc is listed on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges.

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