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Cusquena de Trigo, refreshing and delicate flavor, will be available at national level (Translation)

2 December 2009

- It stands out because of its refreshing and natural flavor, because it has been lightly filtered and it is made with  Andrews wheat, preserving the color and natural flavor of the wheat.

Lima, November 26th, 2009.- Cusqueña, the Premium brand of the national portfolio of  Backus, has brought again Cusqueña de Trigo, Limited Edition, a variety that accomplished great success in the market since its launch at the beginning of this summer.

Cusqueña, that in the last year has experienced an important growth in its participation in the local market, is exploring constantly the preferences and taste of its consumers, this only reassures its status as an innovating brand.

Cusqueña de Trigo was present in the market of Lima and seven cities of the country through the first months of 2009; and at the end of this year will be available in the market again the first week of December.

"Cusqueña is a brand associated with the constant innovation through the launching of different kinds of beer, like the recent launch of Cusqueña Red Lager. This time, thanks to the success of the first edition of Cusqueña de Trigo, we reincorporated it as a limited edition to provide the consumer, who always looks for high quality beers, another option to enjoy a premium brand like  Cusqueña", pointed out Javier Neyra, Manager of Marca Cusqueña.

Cusqueña de Trigo is a beer of refreshing flavor, pure and delicate; its high quality is achieved thanks to exclusive ingredients like Andrews wheat, one of the bests of the world. Its golden color is characteristic of the best wheat beers of the world, with natural opacity, due to the light filtering process that produces a more consistent body and delicate aroma.

"As part of an strategy of development of Premium brands, Cerveza Cusqueña, has shown great interest for new varieties of been in consumers, that is why we always want to bring you products with unique characteristics like Cusqueña de Trigo, a unique beer with international quality", pointed out the representative of Backus.

Cusqueña de Trigo returns with different packaging of 330 ml (non returnable), 620 ml (returnable), and Six Pack, in its well known bottle  carved with the stone of 12 angles, at suggested prices of: S/. 3.00, S/. 4.30 and S/. 18.00 respectively.

The delicate art of pouring Cusqueña de Trigo

Cusqueña de Trigo presents a ritual of special service that makes possible to highlight the qualities of the taste and aroma of this variety and enjoy it at its best. Also in its website:, you can find more information about the characteristics of the product.

In order to enjoy its incomparable taste you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Tilt slightly the glass and pour slowly your Cerveza Cusqueña de Trigo in it.
Do not empty the bottle, leave approximately two fingers of beer at the bottom of the bottle.

Step 2: Move the bottle smoothly with an enveloping movement to awaken its flavor and capture the essence of wheat.

Step 3: Then finish pouring the beer until the foam crowns perfectly the glass.

Step 4: This is the moment when you enjoy your refreshing Cerveza Cusqueña de Trigo

About Cusqueña

The success on sales of Cusqueña has been joined by several acknowledgements internationally. These international acknowledgements have turned Cusqueña to be the most exported Peruvian brand during 2009, showing an important growth in sophisticated markets like England, Japan, USA and Chile. 

 In the last 4 years, Cusqueña has received 14 distinctions from institutions of international prestige, such as Monde Selection and the Superior Taste Award of Belgium, the Australian International Beer Award of Australia and the World Beer Championship of United States.

For more information:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
External Communications Backus - 311-3000
Samuel Saiz - Carlos Solari
LLORENTE & CUENCA - 222-9491(Extension 225-220)

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.  

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 26-11-09.

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