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Backus Virtual School and AME issue certificates to teachers (Translation)

21 October 2009

Over 500 teachers received training during the first semester

Lima, October 15th, 2009 -  During the first semester of the year, Backus Virtual School trained 524 teachers from public and private schools in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Pucallpa, Piura and Huancayo.

These courses offered teachers innovative and creative teaching tools. This was possible through strategic partnerships developed between the Cayetano Heredia University, USAID and the Venezuelan Cisneros Foundation and its AME programme teachers (Teachers Update Programme) and Backus Virtual School education programme.

Mrs Malena Morales Valentine (Backus Sustainable Programme Director), Mrs. Irene Hardy (AME Director) and close to 120 teachers of Lima and other provinces were present at the acknowledgement and certification ceremony that took place at the CAFAE Auditorium.

It should be noted that during the "Application and use of information technologies (TIC´s) in basic education" contest, run by the Venezuelan Latin American and Caribbean University, two groups of three Peruvian teachers ranked top, tying with a team of 3 teachers from Costa Rica. One of the outstanding teams comes from Ricardo Palma de Trujillo school and the other from the 11001 Leoncio Prado Chiclayo school.

Backus Sustainable Programme Director, Mrs. Malena Morales, said: "All our courses are 12 to 24 weeks' long and are intended to improve teachers' talents and skills through a methodology that combines group work, collaborative learning and tutoring."

Mrs. Irene Hardy also stated: "We are very excited about working with Backus Virtual School. The results achieved by the Peruvian teachers who participate in the programme are very encouraging and demonstrate teachers' interest in ongoing training and their constant desire to generate changes in students and their environment through the implementation of projects in their schools."

During the event, Backus Virtual School representatives announced the beginning of a new cycle of courses through their Virtual Classroom. The course "Teachers: Promoters of Healthy Lifestyles" will be offered once again. This course seeks to promote healthy lifestyles in schools by teaching the importance of adolescent development as related to their environment. It also offers teachers guidance with student interaction issues and offers tips to manage peer pressure and other factors that affect development at this stage. Other courses offered will be: "Reading and writing", offered by Universidad Javeriana of Colombia and "Human Development and Overcoming Poverty", offered by the Peruvian university Cayetano Heredia.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
Comunicaciones Externas Backus - 311-3000
Samuel Saiz  Carlos Solari
LLorente & Cuenca - 222-9491

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