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Sustainable Development Is Incorporated Into Prazdroj's Business Activities (Translation)

4 August 2009

Plzen 31. 7. 2009 - Responsible alcohol consumption, the environment, and community support, these are the main pillars of Plzeň Prazdroj's responsible approach. The company is presently publishing a report on social responsibility. Prazdroj's input is not only in the area of sustainable development; besides the main business activities, it offers work opportunities to 30,000 business partners and 3,800 suppliers, with a total of 7.4 billion Czech crowns in sales per year. Plzenský Prazdroj is also one of the 20 companies paying the highest taxes in the Czech Republic. In the last fiscal year it contributed, in taxes, 4.4 billion crowns to the Czech budget.

The report on social responsibility is being published by Plzenský Prazdroj for the fourth year in a row. What is its benefit? "The document summarizes in a clear way the approach of the Plzeňský Prazdroj to corporate responsibility. Sustainable development is a big topic, and for our brewery, it is part of our business activities. Therefore, we invested last financial year a total of 66 million crowns in sustainable development. This sum includes projects supporting responsible alcohol consumption, investment into community development and the protection of the environment. In this area we mainly focus on lessening the consumption of water, of CO2, and of energy, and we focus on secondary use or recycling of all waste," says Zuzana Novická from the Plzeň Prazdroj.

Corporate responsibility in the Plzen Prazdroj means a lot more. "We outlined 10 priorities, which also include honouring of human rights, fair cooperation with suppliers and transparency in our record keeping. That is why we publish a report every year which is verified by an independent and prestigious organisation," adds Zuzana Novická.

The report was verified by the Czech Donors Forum
The report was verified by the Czech Donor Forum, an organisation which brings together the most important organisations in the Czech Republic, both foundations and responsible corporations, and it offers them necessary services. „The meaning of the report on social responsibility is mainly based on open communication with the public, which will find out the company's goals from the previous year and whether the company was able to meet them. And independent verification of this report confirms that it contains true information, and with that it underlines its meaning. Verification of reports on social responsibility is not yet very common in the Czech Republic, and therefore we are pleased that Plzeňský Prazdroj is one of the few Czech companies which are moving towards the public in a transparent and open way in this area," says Pavlína Kalousová, CEO of the Czech Donor Forum.

Saving energy and water
What have we achieved in various fields? By midyear Prazdroj lowered the energy consumption in production of three breweries by 23%. Decrease in water use is also important. While the world average in production of 1 hl of beer is 5 hl of water, the Czech breweries use 4.5-7 hl of water, and breweries of the Plzeňský Prazdroj use only 4.3 hl of water for 1 hl of beer. The commitment, which was made by SABMiller, its mother company, is also valid for Plzeňský Prazdroj; they want to reach the 3.5 hl mark by 2015.

Responsible alcohol consumption
The Plzenský Prazdroj has included as part of their responsible consumption campaign a message about responsibility in their marketing campaigns. The website, whose address also has the character of a responsible message, provides information about the effects of alcohol on the human body. Visitors of the website will also find out about inappropriate social situations after the consumption of alcohol as well as details about beer composition.

Important data, which is included in the Report of Social Responsibility

- The Plzenský Prazdroj paid 4.4 billion crowns in taxes last year* and is one of 20 companies that pay the highest taxes into the Czech budget.
- Sales for suppliers of 7.4 billion crowns, 87% of suppliers from the Czech Republic
- Business and work opportunities for 30,000 business partners and 3,800 suppliers
- Midyear decrease in energy consumption of 23%
- Almost 100% secondary use of waste
- Even last year, the Plzenský Prazdroj was employer of the year in the  Plzen region
- A fund from Prazdroj to the people supported 32 projects with the total of 6.5 million Czech crowns
- Water consumption for production of 1 hl of beer is 4.3 hl, worldwide average is 5 hl, in the Czech Republic 4.5 - 7 hl). Commitment to decrease consumption by 2015 to 3.5 hl
- Decrease in emissions of 87% thanks to modernisation of the digester house in Plzen

*In the financial year starting April 2008 and ending March 2009

The Report is available on the Plzenský Prazdroj website HERE

Notes to editors:
- With total sale of 10.7 million hectoliters in the 2008 calendar year (including licensed production abroad) and with export to more than 50 countries, Plzenský Prazdroj is the biggest producer of beer in the region and the biggest exporter of Czech beer.
- Plzenský Prazdroj, a. s., is a member of the SABMiller PLC Pilsner Urquell global group. It is an international flagship of SABMiller brands.
- SABMiller PLC is one of the biggest beer companies in the world, with activities and distribution in more than 60 countries on six continents. SABMiller's group of brands includes important international brands such as Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell, and close to 200 successful regional and national brands.

Jiří Mareček
Public relations officer
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