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Europe: Building a talent pipeline

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To achieve our growth strategies we need our leaders to have the skills, behaviours and passion to drive value through their teams.

We developed our European Management Development Programme (EMDP) to develop a talent pipeline by preparing our most talented current and future managers for their next challenges.

In partnership with Ashridge Business School we design the programme around a different theme each year.  This year the theme was ‘Impact’, whether personal, team or organisational.   As part of the learning experience, participants are given real business problems to address, enabling them to make their own impact through on-the-job learning.

The programme is delivering results.  We have seen an increase in the confidence, performance and impact of those involved and 25% of the participants in 2010 were promoted within one year, taking new knowledge and innovative thinking into the business in their new roles.

Samantha Rockey, European Learning and Development Manager, SABMiller Plc

USA: Promoting diversity at MillerCoors

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At MillerCoors we believe that a more diverse workforce drives better business performance.

We want to increase the number of women in senior roles. Currently women represent 20% of all vice-president and executive-level positions at MillerCoors. We are taking three steps in an effort to increase women advancement in the company:

First, we're seeking to hire more women. We encourage our recruiters to look for talented female candidates and this year 62% of all candidate lists for new hires had at least one woman. During the year 83% of people hired through our Sales Management Development Program were women, creating a strong pipeline of female talent for senior roles in the future.

Secondly, we aim to provide a supportive environment for personal growth. Each of our functions has guidelines and principles for promoting greater flexibility, introducing new ideas such as telecommuting. This year the average number of training hours completed by women increased by almost 50%.

Thirdly, women are encouraged to share their own experiences with others – through group mentoring, for example. The results speak for themselves. Of the 115 women who have participated in group mentoring since 2010, 36 have been promoted and 30 have made lateral moves to develop broader or deeper skills.

Michelle Nettles, Senior Director for Business Diversity and Partnerships, MillerCoors