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Case studies

Ten Priorities. One Future.

Transforming our business in Botswana

SABMiller factory employee

Changes to the country’s economy meant Kgalagadi Breweries was faced with falling sales, falling profitability and falling morale. In 2007, the business embarked on a transformation plan, a key component of which has been a series of Action Learning Programmes.

Employees have worked together to understand the challenges and tackle specific issues, making recommendations to the executive team and adding to their own skills and experience in the process.

Twenty of these exercises have been undertaken and many of the recommendations are being implemented. The business has now turned things round, employee turnover is down from 18% to 10% and sales have turned from a 16% decline to a 6% growth over a two-year period.

Leading with a longer term view

Boardroom meeting

In 2007, our European business established a new development programme for senior executives with the Saïd business school in Oxford.

Drawing on expertise from Oxford University faculties and other specialists, the tailor-made programme focuses on long-term strategic issues that will affect society over the next 5 to 10 years. Subjects covered are wide ranging, including climate change, alternative energy sources, stem cell research, water resources, the ageing population and the rise of China and India.

Rather than focusing on short-term return on investment, this innovative programme is intended to shift attention from day-to-day operational pressures to inform, challenge, provoke debate and develop critical thinking that will pay off over the long term. The programme will be extended to other senior managers in 2008.

World-class work policies in Honduras

Cervecería Hondureña’s approach to human resources has made it an employer of choice in Honduras and throughout Central America. Its policies aim to embed a culture of responsibility, growth and excellence which manifests itself in a number of ways.

The training programme emphasises development and individual achievement and, at a cost of US$1 million, provided over five days’ training to all 3,000 employees in the last fiscal year.

Quarterly and annual awards encourage exceptional performance while long-term service is also recognised. Individual and group goals help employees and their managers to gauge their progress and develop appropriate skills. Working hours are monitored to ensure work-life balance and complaints are addressed promptly.

Cervecería Hondureña has received both international and local awards for the quality of its product and the workplace environment it provides.