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Peru: Creating a healthier workforce

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In Peru Backus has introduced its Vida Saludable ('Healthy Living') programme to improve the health of employees and boost productivity. The programme focuses on nutrition, physical activity and education.

Employees are offered monthly consultations with a nutritionist, either online or at regular brewery visits. Nutritional information has also been added to canteen menus. The scheme encourages people to take exercise and offers an annual medical examination with follow-up monitoring if required.

The result has been a falling incidence of poor health factors such as high cholesterol and obesity and a high level of satisfaction among those taking part.

India: Improving employee retention

Employees at a presentation

In recent years SABMiller India has seen high employee turnover rates of around 20%. In a competitive labour market and the company has faced a particular challenge in attracting and retaining employees with the talent and skills to support the growth of its business.

To tackle the issue, SABMiller India has developed a comprehensive employee engagement campaign, Project Sangam ('Bringing Together' in Sanskrit), to communicate strategy and ensure consistent execution across the business. Greater alignment has resulted in greater engagement and has, among other things, reduced employee turnover to about 8% this year. The programme also shows how employees can progress and enjoy a fulfilling career with the company. To share its aspirations and enable employees to feel part of its future success, SABMiller India has developed inclusive communications including regular 'town hall' meetings with senior leaders for all employees.

Ghana: Developing employees' skills

A group of workers at a training day

In Ghana, Accra Brewery Limited and Voltic Gh Ltd have continued to help their employees to develop their technical skills through one-year apprenticeship training and three-year artisans' development programmes. In these ways, the programmes also seek to improve productivity.

In the last year, the two companies have invested over US$523,000 in training and skills programmes for employees. This year, 10 middle-level technical and engineering employees from both companies have successfully completed the training. A further 12 artisans and 12 apprentices are currently undergoing training.