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Career development

SABMiller provides the opportunity to fully realise your potential and the freedom to take ownership of your own career development

We’ll provide the tools, training and career opportunities combined with the positive encouragement to take full advantage of your potential.

Develop your career

Your development is important to SABMiller. We place significant value on providing an environment where people are positively encouraged to take accountability for their own growth.

We appreciate that you want the freedom to manage your aspirations and we understand that our business success depends on employees who feel challenged, recognised and rewarded for good performance. At SABMiller we’ll give you the chance to own and manage the direction of your own career.

Training and development

Our HR practices are genuinely world-class. SABMiller is committed to offering the right level of career development to each and every employee.

This may take the form of structured courses; management and executive learning programmes which are delivered through the latest E-Learning technologies or facilitated by the world’s leading educational institutions. However, we also place a lot of value on ‘on the job’ training and provide mentorship programmes to coach employees in the development of new skills.

Our renowned training curriculum offers over 400 courses worldwide:

  • Specific functional programmes which will make you truly successful in your role
  • Management development programmes which create effective, inspirational managers
  • Leadership development programmes which create our business leaders of the future.

Typically we use functional competencies as a reference point for guiding the direction of learning programmes around the company and learning is seen as a continuous process that equips our people with the versatility to continually develop their careers over time.

Each employee is responsible for developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and we encourage people to take on new challenges; develop new skills and acquire new knowledge. Every manager is accountable for facilitating the development of his or her team and will provide the professional guidance and personal support required to make you as effective and successful as you can be.

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