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Revitalising a common water source

A river flowing over a weir

After the installation an effluent treatment plant, Cervecería Hondureña found that though the water they were discharging complied with national regulations, the river itself was contaminated as water discharged from the surrounding residential areas was contaminated. Therefore, the treated water from the effluent plant brought no benefit to the surrounding communities.

In response to this, Cervecería Hondureña worked with the local government to remove sewage water from the creek and sent to a treatment plant. In addition, the rubbish that was previously dumped along the road was removed and the road was paved.

The area has now become a centre for recreation for the local community and both the fauna and flora have gradually returned to the area.

Sustainable farming protects water sources

A group of farmers in a field

In Honduras, Cervecería Hondureña has joined forces with WWF to develop a series of joint projects aimed at reducing its water and energy consumption. One of these projects involves working with the farmers who supply sugar cane to our sugar mill which produces the sugar that we use in our Coca Cola plant to help them develop more cost effective and sustainable farming practices.

Through the optimisation of areas such as water use, fertiliser application and pesticide application, the farmers can increase efficiency and productivity of their land, whilst at the same time making their agricultural practices more environmentally sustainable.

Honesty with impunity

Poster featuring the character 'Tacho Sintacha'

In Honduras, Cervecería Hondureña has launched an internal communications campaign to raise awareness of corporate ethics. This communications campaign aimed to provide a permanent line of communications to employees to help them understand Cervecería Hondureña’s ethics policies and construct a culture of ethics whereby whistleblowing is perceived positively.

This campaign began with an internal competition for employees to name a cartoon character who would be an ambassador of ethics. 250 entries were made to the competition with the winning name decided as ‘Tacho Sintacha’.

Using the newly-developed character, the importance of ethics and whistleblowing has been communicated to employees through a number of mediums such as newsletters, banners and screensavers.

Our priorities: Transparency & ethics

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