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Recycling partnership with Carrefour in Colombia

A recycling bank

Bavaria is part of a partnership – that we believe to be the first of its kind in Colombia – to establish a recycling programme for post-consumption packaging.

Working with CEMPRE, a not-for-profit association financed by large companies to promote a culture of reduction, reuse and recycling, the partnership will install 15 recycling centres in Carrefour supermarkets in Bogotá and Medellin. Local recycling companies – preferably small businesses – will collect material brought in by consumers and take it to the existing recycling facilities in each city, encouraging enterprise in this area.

The programme will be accompanied by a communication campaign to encourage consumers to bring the recycling material to the centres.

Ensuring responsible sourcing of coal in Colombia

A large hopper full of coal

Coal is the primary source of fuel at the Bavaria breweries in Valle, Tibitó, Medellín and Boyacá in Colombia. As a significant buyer of coal and as part of its commitment to responsible sourcing, Bavaria undertook a detailed review of its coal suppliers to make sure they were meeting expected quality and production standards, including those relating to working practices and environmental management. Nine suppliers were reviewed as part of this process, which included site visits, against 11 performance standards.

During these visits, there were no cases of child labour identified. All the mines had a responsible person leading the technical and operational work, and the correct mining permits were in place. However, some issues were found relating to the physical condition of the mines themselves and potential issues concerning the health and safety of miners. In each case, the concern was raised with management and improvement plans requested.

Improving supplier standards in Colombia

Winners of ethical performance awards showing their certificates

In 2009 Bavaria presented ethical performance awards to 54 suppliers as part of its Rumbo Empresas Íntegras y Transparentes programme.

The aim of the programme, developed in association with Transparency for Colombia, the local chapter of Transparency International, was to implement and strengthen the culture of ethics in companies providing services to Bavaria. The course lasted 12 months, during which suppliers’ policies and procedures were reviewed to ensure they met Bavaria’s minimum standards, including those relating to business ethics and anti-bribery. More than 6,000 participants were involved in this training.

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