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Working in partnership to protect a river basin

Water basin

Our Colombian business, Bavaria, is working with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Bogotá Water Company to protect the basin that provides water to Bogotá. The basin is being seriously deforested, particularly by cattle breeders wanting to create grazing land to produce milk. Deforestation affects the local ecosystems and, while it doesn't reduce the capacity of the basin to produce water, it means that more sediment is washed into the supply. This in turn means higher costs for the water company and ultimately its customers.

Bavaria has invested US$145,000 in the project. This money will be used to develop partnerships with the cattle breeders to improve their production methods and reduce sedimentation in the river.

'Super Returnables' campaign

Super Returnables poster

During 2008 our Colombian business, Bavaria, launched its ‘Super Returnables’ campaign with the tag line “The power to defend your pocket, increase sales and protect the planet”.

In replacing its returnable bottles, Bavaria has invested US$145 million to implement the most modern technology. First trialled in the relaunch of the Club Colombia brand in November 2006, super-returnables are lighter than the original returnable bottles. They are more robust: a new shape with flat panels reduces wear in transportation and they have a film to protect the surface of the glass. This means the bottles can be used twice as often – around 40 cycles instead of 20 – which reduces energy consumption.

Super-returnables were introduced alongside new plastic crates that are made out of 73% recycled material. The crates have enabled distributors, shopkeepers and sellers to introduce a new bottle deposit scheme.