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Taking testing to truckers in India

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SABMiller constantly monitors the prevalence of HIV/Aids in each of the countries in which it operates. In India, though the national prevalence remains below 1%, we know that some groups are more vulnerable than others due to the nature of their work. The stigma surrounding HIV/Aids is also a problem: there are often barriers to talking about sexual behaviour (especially with colleagues and in front of fellow workers) and, in some cases, there is a fear of testing.

In response, SABMiller India launched Project Humsafar in 2007 with the aim of raising awareness of HIV/Aids among the truckers who distribute our beer. These are a potentially vulnerable group as they spend months at a time away from their families, travelling from one state to another. Catering for often illiterate drivers, the programme facilitates group discussions, distributes free awareness materials, demonstrates and distributes condoms and offers games, one-to-one sessions and talk shows.

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Improving employee retention

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In recent years SABMiller India has seen high employee turnover rates of around 20%. In a competitive labour market and the company has faced a particular challenge in attracting and retaining employees with the talent and skills to support the growth of its business.

To tackle the issue, SABMiller India has developed a comprehensive employee engagement campaign, Project Sangam ('Bringing Together' in Sanskrit), to communicate strategy and ensure consistent execution across the business. Greater alignment has resulted in greater engagement and has, among other things, reduced employee turnover to about 8% this year. The programme also shows how employees can progress and enjoy a fulfilling career with the company. To share its aspirations and enable employees to feel part of its future success, SABMiller India has developed inclusive communications including regular 'town hall' meetings with senior leaders for all employees.

Reusing waste water in agriculture

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SABMiller India has joined forces with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) in Water4Crops – India, a programme aimed at improving agricultural productivity through rainwater conservation and harvesting and helping farmers to develop sustainable water management practices that enhance the availability of groundwater and use it more efficiently.

Conducted in four villages in the Medak district with a total population of 12,940, the programme has resulted in a 35% increase in crop yields and an 11% rise in the incomes of small farmers.

The programme also provides micro-entrepreneurship opportunities to approximately 150 women who collect spent malt from SABMiller India's Charminar brewery and circulate it to farmers in the villages who use it as animal feed.

A farmer involved in the project commented: "My association with SABMiller India and ICRISAT has been very beneficial. It has helped me obtain better crop yield and earn more by using integrated genetic and natural resource management techniques. It has also educated us in how to use water more efficiently."