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Annual report 2007

Released June 2007.

Annual report 2007 cover and screen

Interim report

Released November 2007.

SABMiller plc reports its interim (unaudited) results for the six months to 30 September 2007.

Interim report 2007 cover

Sustainable Development report 2007

Released July 2007.

Highlights and progress from the year.

Sustainable Development report 2007 cover

Living and working with HIV and Aids

Released June 2007.

Briefing paper with a more detailed overview of the HIV/Aids pandemic and our programmes and plans.

Living and working with HIV/AIDS report 2007 cover

Soft Drink report

Released December 2007.

Find out how our operations extend beyond brewing and contribute towards our sustainable development priorities.

Soft Drink report 2007 cover