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Local action

Our approach to sustainable development is to set out an overall framework but to give our operations the flexibility to implement programmes that best meet their local circumstances.

View the case studies below to see how we implement our 10 sustainable priorities locally.

Farmers working in a field

Honduras: Raising awareness of HIV/Aids

Employee testing

‘Makanudo’ is a wellness programme for all employees in Honduras. Recent activities have included an awareness-raising campaign highlighting the causes and prevention of HIV/Aids.

The programme has included regular employee workshops with educational materials provided to attendees. NGOs such as Hogar Renacer, a local charity which works with people at risk from HIV/Aids, and other associations working and caring for people affected by HIV/Aids, have participated in these workshops. The Honduran Ministry of Health is also a key partner in the awareness-raising campaign, providing guidance and assistance for the workshops.

We provide and promote voluntary testing for all employees and, if results return positive, those concerned receive assistance and confidential treatment. This includes counselling, treatment with IHSS, the Honduran social security institution, and options for economic assistance.

Uganda: Tackling HIV/Aids in the value chain

Row of people on bicycles

The Nile Breweries Ltd (NBL) HIV/Aids programme in Uganda includes employees, sorghum farmers, the local community, truck drivers and retailers. So far more than 4,800 people have been trained by peer educators and 29% of these people have been through voluntary counselling and testing (VCT). During 2008, 10,000 condoms were distributed to our supply chain.

NBL has also provided training in home-based care to those looking after HIV/Aids patients as well as psycho-social and material support to HIV/Aids orphans and vulnerable children. At present, 99% of HIV-positive employees are on managed healthcare programmes. Since 2007, 248 NBL third-party truck drivers have been trained in HIV/Aids awareness and more than 50% of these reported for VCT at the NBL clinic. In the retail and service trade, 800 workers from across Uganda have taken part in HIV/Aids awareness-raising activities.

NBL’s HIV/Aids programme was recognised when the company received the Best Corporate Citizen – Corporate Social Responsibility award at the 2008 Investor of the Year Awards organised by the Uganda Investment Authority.

HIV/Aids in Uganda 00:02:15

This film demonstrates how SABMiller is working in local communities to help contribute to the reduction of HIV/Aids in Uganda


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