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SABMiller entered the Honduran market in 2001. Cervecería Hondureña is the only brewer in Honduras, employing over 3000 persons. Its market share is 41.5% in soft drinks and 95.2% in lager. The company operates one soft drinks plant with the capacity of producing 7.2 million hectolitres, and one beer plant which can produce up to 1.492 million hectolitres.

Annual Report 2013

Our Annual Report reviewing performance to 31 March 2013.

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Quarterly divisional seminar

March 2013

Hosted by Karl Lippert, President of SABMiller Latin America.

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Share of total beer market*

Bar graph of Total share of beer market


Share of total soft drinks market*

Bar graph of Total share of beer market


* Management estimates

Volume (hl 000)

Five-year summary
Bar graph of Volume (hl 000) - Five-year summary
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Lager 1,101 996 1,010 1,102 1,105
Soft drinks 4,578 4,983 4,843 5,197 5,261
Total 5,679 5,979 5,853 6,299 6,366

Beer consumption*

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litres per capita

* Source: Forecast figures for 2012 from Plato Logic, March 2013.

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Eduardo Diaz
Senior Manager, Beer industry regional focus: Latin America

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