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SABMiller's approach to beer, responsible drinking and economic growth in the UK

Since listing on the UK stock exchange in 1999 SABMiller has enjoyed great success, not only globally but here in the UK too, with our subsidiary company, Miller Brands, going from strength to strength since its launch in 2005.

We’re committed to playing our part in helping to reduce the harms associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Our new report, A constructive approach: beer, responsible drinking and economic growth in the UK, aims to showcase how we reconcile two objectives that might at first appear to be mutually exclusive: promoting the growth of the beer industry while reducing the prevalence of problem drinking, especially among young people.

It’s being launched at the same time as our new pledge to the UK Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal. We’re promising that by 2016 we’ll have trained 10,000 pub and off-licence staff in responsible retailing, focusing on the areas of the country which most need alcohol-related support. It’s part of a three-pronged approach we’re taking to tackling irresponsible drinking in the UK; an approach which has led us to invest in high-quality independent research such as that conducted by Demos, looking at the impact of parental behaviour on teenage drinking, and local partnerships such as the one in our home town of Woking, where we’ve brought together local stakeholders and helped reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder.

Sat alongside our global policies, which set out the type of products we can produce and how we can market them – policies which put us at the forefront of best practice globally – we believe we’re demonstrating the positive impact that cross-sector collaboration and partnerships can make in tackling anti-social behaviour, alcohol-related crime and underage drinking. As our business in the UK continues to grow, we’re committed to maintaining our work in this area.

SABMiller helps licensed premises tackle irresponsible drinking

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A Constructive Approach

Beer, responsible drinking and economic growth in the UK.

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