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Discouraging sales to intoxicated customers in South Africa

‘The Responsible Trader’ teaches tavern and shabeen owners how to detect behavioural cues of customers who have had too much to drink.

The training material is interactive and picture-based to accommodate differences in language and literacy skills.

Drawing the line in South Africa

In South Africa, ‘Draw the Line’ uses television, radio and billboards to send out the message not to drink and drive. The Department of Transport’s ‘Arrive Alive’ campaign endorses the programme’s message.

Our campaigns: Drinking and driving

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A motorway with SABMiller's anti-drinking and driving campaign on an overpass

Reality Check in South Africa

A reality check from SAB advert

In 2009 SAB launched an innovative programme to tackle alcohol abuse in South Africa.

The new programme addresses drinking and driving, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and underage drinking – issues identified as needing targeted action beyond communication and education.

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Raising awareness in South Africa

In South Africa, our ‘Draw the Line’ campaign uses a variety of media – television, radio and billboards – to raise awareness of the risks of drinking during pregnancy.

Arrive alive 00:00:48

Our Arrive Alive anti–drink driving campaign in South Africa.


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