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'Taking testing to truckers in India'

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SABMiller constantly monitors the prevalence of HIV/Aids in each of the countries in which it operates. In India, though the national prevalence remains below 1%, we know that some groups are more vulnerable than others due to the nature of their work. The stigma surrounding HIV/Aids is also a problem: there are often barriers to talking about sexual behaviour (especially with colleagues and in front of fellow workers) and, in some cases, there is a fear of testing.

A crowd of truck driversIn response, SABMiller India launched Project Humsafar in 2007 with the aim of raising awareness of HIV/Aids among the truckers who distribute our beer. These are a potentially vulnerable group as they spend months at a time away from their families, travelling from one state to another. Catering for often illiterate drivers, the programme facilitates group discussions, distributes free awareness materials, demonstrates and distributes condoms and offers games, one-to-one sessions and talk shows.

The programme has reached over 52,000 truckers through one-to-one and group discussions. It has also referred over 11,000 truckers to hospitals and counselling and testing centres and distributed over 164,500 condoms. SABMiller India has been recognised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as a corporate partner making avaluable contribution to the National Aids Control Programme. Its efforts have also been endorsed by local governments.


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