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'Turning waste into energy in the Czech Republic'

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Czech Republic

This year, Plzeňský Prazdroj in the Czech Republic has worked on a number projects to help reduce its total energy use. One innovation is a device that turns draff (the grain left over after malted barley has been boiled and the liquid filtered out for fermentation) into a renewable fuel.

A device that turns draff into a renewable fuel

The brewery in Plzeň produces about 80,000 tonnes of draff every year. The new device dries the spent grains so they can be burnt in boilers to supply heat and electricity with lower carbon emissions. The processed spent grain is sold to the local energy supplier who uses it as a co-fuel in the combustion plant that supplies both the brewery and the local community. The project helps to reduce the heating plant's use of coal by approximately 10,000 tonnes a year – equivalent to 13,320 tonnes CO2 emissions.

The project has been recognised by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Environment and was named "Czech Energy and Ecological Project of the Year".

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