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Our priorities: Enterprise Development

'Supporting 300 small and micro-scale entrepreneurs in El Salvador'


El Salvador

This year 300 entrepreneurs graduated from Industrias La Constancia's capacity-building programme, Progresando Juntos (‘Growing Together’), which aims to support micro and small-scale enterprises – one of the most important sectors in El SalvadorĀ“s economy.

A core focus of the programme is Retailer Support, an eight-month module created in 2010 in partnership with FUNDES (a Swiss NGO specialising in small business development) to provide training and technical assistance in how to run a successful store, cafeteria or small restaurant. The majority of participants are women, many of whom have had difficulty finding jobs and want to establish their own business and earn an income for their family.

Group of Progresando Juntos entrepreneurs

Participating retailers have reported increases in their profit margins of between 5% and 35% as well as greater job security for themselves and, in some cases, the opportunity to create jobs for others.

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