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Our priorities: Packaging

'Eliminating unnecessary packaging in the USA'

Miller Genuine Draft


MillerCoors aims to get rid of unnecessary packaging materials and use lighter weight materials. Over the year the company eliminated over 3 million kg of packaging, equivalent to the weight of nearly 43,000 full kegs of beer. Actions taken include the following:

  • By reducing the thickness of the paperboard in 12-pack bottle cartons, the company cut the weight of paperboard per carton by 10% – a total reduction of 1,587 million kg.
  • By lowering the height of corrugated board trays for aluminium pints, MillerCoors eliminated 13.6% of the packaging weight and saved another 181,436 kg.
  • By converting Miller Genuine Draft and Miller 64 glass bottles to match the uniform size and weight of other brands, the company cut 2.1% of the bottle weight and saved 1,360 million kg of glass.
Man carying a crate of Coors Light

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