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'World-class brewing: water efficiency at Yatala brewery'

Victoria Bitter (VB)


Yatala brewery, located in a water-stressed area of South East Queensland, Australia, is one of the world's most efficient breweries, using just 2.3 hectolitres (hl) of water to produce one hectolitre of beer.

The brewery's water conservation efforts have been recognised by the local community and received the Sustainable Industries Award from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), highlighting Yatala as one of the best examples of sustainable industry in the region.

A worker inspecting some machineryThis achievement is the result of over a decade of water conservation initiatives, underpinned by a culture of minimising water use and constant efforts to improve water recycling rates. For example, investing in new technology has enabled the brewery to use high-quality recycled water in non-brewing processes, such as cleaning.

When the brewery was built about 15 years ago, it used 6 hl of water per hl of beer. Today the brewery produces about a quarter of all the beer consumed in Australia in a way that is three times more efficient than the beer brewed in 1998.


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