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'You Decide: addressing underage drinking in South Africa'

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South Africa

Last year in South Africa, SAB (Pty) Ltd launched its You Decide programme to tackle one of the alcohol-related issues that most affects South African society – underage drinking.

Run in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry and the National Youth Development Agency, the programme works with parents and teachers to teach teenagers about the impact their choices can have on their future.

Through road shows, competitions, lesson plans, a Facebook campaign, and 650 school visits, the campaign reached nearly half a million teenagers. The campaign also ran workshops for parents, teachers and the community and provides online tools and a toll-free number to receive advice on how to deal with problems linked to underage drinking.

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Initial research shows that the programme is making an impact: during the pilot we saw a 3% decrease in alcohol consumption among teenagers exposed to the programme. There has also been a 16% increase in teachers' awareness of the severity of under-age drinking.

Following a successful first year, SAB (Pty) Ltd is now looking to roll-out the initiative to new regions across South Africa.

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