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Many of the resource challenges we face can only be addressed by working with a broad coalition of partners to create practical, local solutions to address the risks we all share.

In recent years years played an active role in shaping the nexus debate. We believe the private sector must encourage governments to set resource policy in an integrated way so as to maximise economic and social value and manage the inevitable trade-offs. To this end, in South Africa we're a founder member of the Strategic Water Partners Network – part of the global Water Resources Group (WRG) – which brings together businesses and other organisations including the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the South African Water Research Commission and the South African Local Government Association to improve water efficiency and infrastructure.

This year, building on our commitment to sustainable agriculture and our work with farmers, we became members of Grow Africa, which is part of the World Economic Forum's New Vision for Agriculture. Grow Africa is developing partnerships in eight countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa to help achieve sustainable agricultural growth. By playing an active role both in Grow Africa and in WRG, we hope to contribute to new policies that take into account the interconnections between water and agricultural issues.

This year, we participated in the CDP Carbon, Water and Supply Chain Disclosure Projects which provide insight into the risks companies face in these areas. We also joined the Cambridge Natural Capital Leadership Compact, a collaboration to put a monetary value on the earth's natural resources which should lead to much better resource pricing and incentives for efficiency.

In February SABMiller linked up with The Guardian to hold a day of broadcasts and live, online debates on how to achieve interconnected action on water, food and energy security. The debates were viewed online by over 3,000 people from 101 countries. We estimate that through social media we reached over 1.5 million people.

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Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action

This report details how SABMiller and other companies build collaboration to help agriculture become a driver of food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.

Download Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action PDF (3.30Mb)

Front cover of Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action Report

Water Futures Report: Beyond 2012

The report highlights the latest achievements of the Water Futures Partnership and explains its plans for the future.

Download the Water Futures Report: Beyond 2012 PDF (1.64Mb)

Front page of the Water Futures Report: Beyond 2012

Water + Food + Energy. What is the Resource Nexus?

1 February 2013

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