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Sustainable procurement

SABMiller’s commitment to Sustainable Development is integral to the way we do business. We believe that we have an active role to play in driving social, economic and environmental improvements in our supply chain and ultimately help to improve our society at large.

SABMiller Procurement recognises that the long term sustainable development of our suppliers is critical to our joint success. In our endeavour to build close and equitable business relationships with our suppliers, and actively select and favour those who share our values and our ethical commitments, we have formulated for SABMiller Procurement suppliers the SABMiller Supplier Code of Conduct and Sustainable Development Standards.

These standards cover the protection of Human Rights and Labour Standards, Transparency and Business Ethics as well as the reduction of our Environmental Impact. The standards we expect of our suppliers are developed by referring to external codes such as the International Labour Organisation core conventions on human rights and the United Nations Global Compact.

SABMiller Procurement and Sedex

Sedex LogoAs a member of the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex), a not-for-profit organisation promoting ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains, we require our suppliers in strategic product categories to post self-assessments on-line which cover labour standards, health & safety, business practice and the environment. These can be accessed by any Sedex customers signed up to the scheme, eliminating the duplication of separate reporting. These assessments may then be independently audited. 

SABMiller Procurement and AIM-Progress

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SABMiller Procurement is a member of  ‘AIM-PROGRESS’, a forum for consumer goods companies, manufacturers and suppliers who share best practice and work together to promote responsible sourcing practices and reduce ethical audit fatigue for our suppliers by promoting mutual recognition.

SABMiller Procurement and fighting corruption in the value chain

In addition to the Supplier Code of Conduct and Sustainable Development Standards, the SABMiller Anti-Bribery Policy for Suppliers details how we expect SABMiller Procurement suppliers to act to ensure that our high anti-corruption standards are continually achieved. SABMiller Procurement has implemented a rigorous process to fight corruption risk in our value chain and we require that our suppliers are not only compliant with all applicable legal and ethical standards, but that they are equally committed to stamping out corruption in any of its forms, including bribery, facilitation payments, extortion, money laundering and other illegal or unethical gratuities.

It is our strong belief that independence is a key component of an ethically-compliant procurement organisation, and consistent with this commitment, SABMiller Procurement and its employees do not accept gifts or offers of entertainment from current or prospective suppliers.

SABMiller Procurement commitment to reduce environmental impact

SABMiller Procurement is committed to improve our environmental impact around the world. We expect our suppliers to equally engage in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner in their ways of working, and to make best efforts to minimise adverse impacts on the environment. In addition, we encourage our suppliers to actively participate in projects that contribute towards our Sustainable Development Priorities, in order to jointly make a difference to our environment.

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Sustainable Development Report

Our 2013 Sustainable Development Summary Report, covering progress on our 10 priorities.

Download Sustainable Development report PDF (5.6Mb)

Front cover of Sustainable Development Report 2013

Working to promote ethical and responsible supply chains

Our work with SEDEX and AIM-PROGRESS