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In 2010, SABMiller established a global procurement business – Trinity Procurement. For those products and materials such as brewing raw materials and packaging materials that all our businesses require, we are able to establish group-wide buying deals and benefit accordingly.

At Trinity, we have been committed from the outset to ensure that sustainable development and responsible sourcing are at the core of our business governance and sourcing decisions. For example, all our supplier contracts require that suppliers comply with our Responsible Sourcing Principles and sustainable development is an important consideration when accrediting new suppliers.

This year I was pleased that Trinity joined Sedex, a not-for-profit organisation promoting ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. To help us better understand how our suppliers manage social & ethical risks at their sites, we have encouraged them to complete self-assessment questionnaires in Sedex which cover four main pillars: labour standards, health & safety, business practice and the environment. Next year, we will begin to commission independent audits of some of our key suppliers to provide us with further assurance that our Responsible Sourcing Principles are being adhered to.

AIM-PROGRESS logo I was also excited that this year we became members of AIM-PROGRESS. This is a forum for consumer goods companies, manufacturers and suppliers to share best practice and work together to promote responsible sourcing practices and reduce ethical audit fatigue for our suppliers by promoting mutual recognition. I am looking forward to Trinity working more closely with AIM-Progress over the next year to drive efficiencies in our supply chain and to develop our Sustainable Procurement road map.

Christel Costagli – Global Supply Development Manager, Trinity Procurement

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