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Our priorities: Enterprise development

'Supporting the development of our smaller suppliers'

La Constancia, El Salvador

El Salvador

At Industrias La Constancia, we are working hard to encourage enterprise development across our value chain, from our suppliers to our retailers.

This year, we partnered with the UNDP and the Inter-American Development Bank to help ten small suppliers participate in a Suppliers Development Programme which aims to help small and medium-sized suppliers to improve their businesses. One of our suppliers which participated was SERVIMETAL which is a small business which supplies us with metal racks used for the transportation of our products.

SERVIMETAL employees in its factory

Through participating in the programme, SERVIMETAL has been able to improve the health and safety conditions for employees within its factory as well as improve energy efficiency. Following consultation, the business has also been able to expand and improve the quality and variety of products it is able to produce which has represented a 100% increase in sales and a 40% increase in job creation.

The programme also benefits us as it has helped improve the quality and timely delivery of products from some of our smaller suppliers.

Mayra Rivas - Logistics and Projects Manager, Industrias La Constancia

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