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Our priorities: Enterprise development

'Bringing new smallholder farmers into barley supply chains'

Tanzania Breweries (TBL)


In Tanzania, there have historically been limitations to growing barley such as the lack of modern farming techniques, basic farming equipment and variable rainfall patterns. These challenges led Tanzania Breweries (TBL) to establish a local farming programme in 2010 with the aim to increase the local production of barley by providing support and education for smallholder farmers.

At the beginning, ten new smallholder farmer groups were involved with some 170 smallholder farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Now, the local sourcing programmes involve 300 smallholders and about 200 commercial barley farmers.

We organise training and networking days for farmers from around the region to enhance their agricultural capability through exhibitions of cultivation techniques and demonstrations from some of our agricultural experts. In addition, these events introduce the farmers to other agricultural stakeholders and financial institutions to ensure that they are aware of and have access to opportunities for microfinance.

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The barley industry in Tanzania is still evolving, with farmers struggling to produce the 14,000 tonnes of barley required by TBL annually, to the required quality standards. However, I’m optimistic and we aim to increase our locally-sourced barley each year and will continue to invest in our farming programmes, providing funding, seed and assisting with machinery such as power tillers. Our long term objective is to supply our local maltings plant in Moshi with 100% locally grown barley including significant input from smallholder farmers.

Local sourcing is strongly encouraged by the Tanzanian government to boost agricultural productivity in Tanzania support rural development and benefit smallholder farmers and local communities.

Bennie Basson - Barley Manager, Tanzania Breweries Ltd.

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  • danny villiad on 8 November 2012 at 07:02:00

    I'm impressed with what the company have try to do for the enterprises development, and would like to know other works/projects that aim at developing SME's in Tanzania.

    Reply from Bianca Shevlin, Media Relations Manager: Sustainable Development
    on 8 November 2012 at 10:10:00

    Hi Danny

    You may also be interested in reading Bennie Basson's blog about a small farming village, Kambi Ya Simba, in Northern Tanzania.

    Copy and paste this link in to your browser:

    You can aslo watch our 'Farming Better Futures' video which focuses on cassava farming in Mozambique and the launch of the first cassava based beer by SABMiller.

    Copy and paste this link in to your browser:

    Thanks for your interest.