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Our priorities: Responsible drinking

'Addressing alcohol-related harm in South Africa'

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At SAB we’re always looking for new ways to tackle the alcohol-related issues that most affect society - underage drinking being one example. 

This year we piloted two new programmes designed to reach deeper into our communities. Through our Responsible Trader Programme, we’ve trained 17,000 traders in alcohol abuse and the harm it can cause in their communities. Through the programme we aim to help liquor traders to see themselves as champions in the fight against alcohol abuse.  Assessments of more than 7,000 traders after they’d attended training sessions found 81% scoring more than 80%.

Watch an animation we use in the training sessions:


Underage drinking is one of the most serious forms of alcohol abuse, and is totally unacceptable.  Through our You decide programme, we’re working with the Department of Trade and Industry, the National Youth Development Agency and provincial Departments of Education to teach teens about the impact their choices can have on their future.  We’re using road shows, competitions, lesson plans and Facebook to tell teenagers, ‘you decide’.  We’re also working with parents and local communities to find ways to reinforce the message and discourage underage drinking.

We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target: through the pilot, launched in February 2012, the programme aims to reach over 400,000 students across 360 schools.

Vincent Maphai, Executive Director Corporate Affairs and Transformation, SAB (Pty) Ltd


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