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'Tavern talk changes behaviour'

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South Africa

Over the last year, I have worked to develop the SAB (Pty) Ltd Tavern Intervention Programme (TIP) which is run in partnership with Men for Development in South Africa (MEDSA) and SABCOHA (South African Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS) along with funding from The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The programme is based in local taverns and offers men a six week, life-skills course which is aimed at driving and inspiring men towards behavioural change. At each session, the participants (who are over the age of 18) are taken through structured modules covering Responsible Alcohol Consumption, HIV/Aids, Gender-based Violence and Children's Rights and Parental Responsibilities. We also urge the men to openly discuss community pressures and other social issues that may lead to unacceptable attitudes, behaviours and practices.

Men attending a Men's support Group

In addition, a Men's Support Group (MSG) is formed by the men and meets once a month. Subject matter experts/specialists are invited to come and address the men on various topics and themes such as substance abuse/dependency, Men's Health, HIV/Aids, dysfunctional families and responsible parenting. Here they are able to discuss and share problems or be referred to social workers for further intervention. Behavioural changes in the men are tracked through the Men's Support Groups.

We have partnered with a number of community-based organisations and leaders to ensure the success of TIP and to help identify those men who require intervention.  These include community-based organisations such as the police, tavern owners/Liquor Traders Associations, Traditional Leaders, Ward Councillors, Community Policing Forum, Community Development Workers, Community Patrol Units and other influential community leaders. Police databases assist in identifying offenders and social workers may also make referrals to the programme.

SAB's and The Global Fund's investment in the TIP will initially help to target approximately 4,000 men; 800 per year in nine provinces over a period of five years.

SAB (Pty) Ltd is also a strategic partner in Project Promote which is part of The Global Fund's co-investment in the TIP programme.  This project uses SAB (Pty) Ltd's infrastructure, namely depots and truck drivers delivering stock to outlets, to deliver condoms to taverns. Since the start of the project 18 months ago, just under 8.5 million condoms have been delivered to 4,600 taverns across South Africa. It is estimated that this will have helped avert 17,000 new infections*.

* John Stover, 2004

Sylvester Ndaba – Corporate Social Investment Specilalist, SAB (Pty) Ltd


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  • Luthando Mkhize on 15 August 2013 at 15:36:32

    I was just 23years when this programme came in my area(umlazi) in 2011. This is one of the great initiatives I've ever attended .The programme shaped my life, not only me but many. We learned many important things. The programme created an environment where us (men) shared our stories and build each other. I was very touched by other stories and felt that I need to change or else I would end up going through the same things these man went through so I started living like (INDODA YANGEMPELA).In 2012 I decided to try a new life and enrolled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal for a Bcom (Supply Chain) and im doing just fine .Thank you SAB, MEDSA ,SABCOHA and all others involved .....looking foward to work for SAB in the near future ;-)

  • agnes asiimwe on 6 February 2013 at 08:34:46

    Interesting innovation people.cant wait for it to be implemented in nile breweries.
    keep up the good work