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Our priorities: Water

'A rigorous analysis of water risk'



Through the Water Futures partnership SABMiller works with NGOs such as WWF and The Nature Conservancy in eight markets including Peru, South Africa, the US and India to protect the watersheds on which our business depends. But this can only be done if we recognise that the local community and ecology also depend on the watershed and seek to meet their needs at the same time.

This year through our local Water Futures partnership with GIZ (German international development agency) in Peru, we started a series of studies to examine the water resources available in the basins that supply each of Backus' breweries. The first covered the Rímac river basin in Lima and identified a number of projects to improve water security for the region.  We're now reviewing a number of aquifer sustainability projects including:

  • Improving the infrastructure of canals and river beds
  • Re-using treated water to irrigate public green areas such as parks
  • Establishing a Rímac River Water Observatory – an expert technical panel to monitor and assess the aquifer

I'm also proud that Backus is a founding partner in the Aquafondo, established by The Nature Conservancy to fund conservation and water protection projects in Lima.  The fund (which has an initial start-up capital of US$900,000) will invest in conservation and water protection measures and education and communication projects.  We're working to encourage more businesses and institutions to join the alliance, so we can work together to safeguard shared water supplies for the future.

Lorena Gaviño – Sustainable development senior analyst, Backus

Read more in our Water Futures report PDF (1.94Mb)  

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