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In September 2011, Accra Brewery partnered with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) to bring stakeholders together to discuss the findings of a socio-economic impact assessment study PDF (0.75Mb) which examined the role of our business in Ghana. The research was undertaken by Professor Ethan Kapstein of the INSEAD Business School and the consulting firm Steward Redqueen and found that while there are 850 employees in our business, we support 17,600 further jobs in our value chain – 20 per employee.

I was pleased that a wide variety of organisations were able to attend including the Ministries of Finance; Trade and Industry; Food and Agriculture; and Health, as well as the diplomatic community, members of the business community, academia and the media. The discussion focused on the need for companies to determine their economic impact and why it is important for companies to look at their role in development.

Dr. Rene Kim

During the discussions, one of the co-authors of the report advocated a continued drive by the government to foster a business environment conducive to private investment. He also suggested that the government should consider the possible impact of a brewery expansion and an increase in local agricultural sourcing (e.g. of sorghum) on the country's economy, and the policy changes and improvements that are most likely to promote these projects.

We continue to meet regularly with government stakeholders, for example we have a positive on-going dialogue with the local tax authority.

Gregory Metcalf – Managing Director, Accra Brewery


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