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Our priorities: Responsible drinking

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At MillerCoors, we have launched our Great Plays programme in partnership with the ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research. The programme provides funding for universities to address the drinking behaviours and the harmful consequences of alcohol among their students.

Great Plays logo We chose the theme Great Plays because college students have the ability and opportunity each day to make decisions that result in positive outcomes or ‘great plays’ that result in positive outcomes and help them thrive and be successful in life. Choosing not to abuse alcohol is one of the greatest plays a student can make.

Each year, all universities in the US who agree to participate in MillerCoors' college sports marketing alliances (57 in total) are eligible for a $10,000 grant which can be used on programmes aimed at reducing the harm caused by dangerous levels of consumption (drunk driving, for example), or which raise awareness of harmful drinking or change students' drinking behaviours. So far, I've been really pleased with the response as 23 universities have already signed-up.

The ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research serves as an independent, scientific consultant for the review of the grant applications and all programs submitted for consideration must include a design and process for evaluating the success of the programme following its implementation. In addition, universities are also eligible to compete for a one-off $75,000 research grant.

Bill Young - Corporate Alcohol Responsibility Manager, MillerCoors

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